Helicopter Fuel

Helicopter fuel is very different to other fuels- you need a special blend of oils. Helicopter Pilots are very demanding- maximum performance with maximum stability and no spotting of their equipment. We have achieved this by producing a stable, high power, low foam and reliable fuel that produces the right amount of power for the constant speed motors fitted to helicopters. Helicopters are also very demanding- most of the time the Helicopter engine runís at constant speed- right in the power band- Mostly at top design RPM. If your fuel does not have the correct ingredients then the engine will not last- if the fuel foams too much then the tank life is shortened. If the pilot is not comfortable with his fuel then he is not comfortable with his performance- all factors have to balance- like all the other parts of a helicopter- in perfect unison.

We are proud to say that our Helicopter Fuels have been tried and tested by World Champions and other highly competitive pilots all over the globe. In fact our fuel delivers more HP at high altitude than any other fuel on the market- At the altitude of 1880 metres above sea level in Johannesburg where there is 20% less oxygen- our fuel outperforms all other brands and blends- and has a better power band with less heat generation.

Last year our fuel won hands down at the UK Titles. This is quite some achievement. Many pilots have tested our fuel- all admit that there is something about it that is different.

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