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In Australia, locally produced Methanol, is produced using large volumes of Bass Strait Gas, some Methanol is imported from places like Singapore, UAE, New Zealand, Chile and Saudi Arabia in various qualities and purities. We looked around during 1998 and 1999 and what we could get for our money- we decided that Melbourne would be our home. We have the product right on our door step- freshly made- delivered and pumped out into our Nitrogen blanketed Stainless Steel tank within 2 hours of leaving the supplier at a quality that meets with our requirements. We are not at risk - we have a dedicated tanker company that has been doing our work for years- we understand each other- we work together- we win together. Methanol has a tolerance of a maximum moisture content of 1000 ppm- we will not work with Methanol over 150 ppm. We have analyses certificates to prove this.

Synthetic Lubricant:-
Our synthetic lubricant is supplied to us exclusively by Klotz. John Klotz have been making lubricants since the 50’s. The qualityis as good now as it was then.  I visited the plant a number of times over the years and to my delight it is the same as always- the only difference is that a few years Klotz moved into a new facility. You get the feeling that you are visiting your favorite chocolate shop- the same smile- the same taste, the same quality produced on clean floors and hygienic surroundings we will not risk you engine on poor quality oil.

Until 8 months ago most Nitromethane manufacturers produced Nitro of varying qualities. Since Angus Nitromethane is no longer available in Australia (unless purchased from us) qualities have been to say the least - up-down. In close co-operation with our Chinese associates we have devised a method to not only improve the quality of our Nitro- we have also increased the Kj combustion value- hence the name Super-Nitro. The process employed is partly done in China and the rest is done here in Australia. We can guarantee longer tank life- cleaner burning and less problems than most other locally manufactured or imported fuel. We will now only use Super-Nitro in our fuels- “hear the thunder- feel the power

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