Our Tanker delivering 30 tons
A pallet of mixed fuel- 4 litre bottles at the bottom, 1 litre bottles in the middle and 2.5 litre bottles on top. Please note - we do not use square cartons- we decided to us rectangular cartons because the cartons overlap making for a much more stable shipping configuration- we also designed our bottles and cartons of all 3 sizes to be the same outside dimentions when stacked giving maximum space utelisation and strength
Each layer of 12 x 1 litre bottles and 4 x 4 litre bottles are the same size and stacks 12 cartons to a layer. Our 4 x 2.5 litre cartons stack 16 per layer- look closely at this picture to see the stacking format. All this adds to cost and space saving.
Castor Oil Bulk in 200Kg drums
Powerboat racing in East Malaysia
Pallets of fuel ready to be containerised
Above is the start of the filling process- your blank bottles are loaded on this table- then the bottles pass through the labeling machine where the labels are applied
Above the labeled bottles come out of the labeler - having been accurately labeled and counted.
Above - on the conveyor- after the bottles have been accurately filled using a temperature compensating filling machine - the bottles are capped and the tightness of the caps accurately controlled. In the background you see our 2nd line that fills 4 and 5 litre or 1 gallon (Imperial or US) bottles
Once the bottles are filled and boxed the cartons are sealed by machine before being stacked on pallets in the background. Please also observe that our cartons are rectangular - not square- this allows for better a stabilized stack - the top layer overlapping the lower layer. At any one time we have at least 250,000 bottles in stock- Our customer dedicated cartons and bottle labels run in to many thousands.

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