HotStuff Model fuel is made to the highest standard anywhere in the world. Our Methanol is produced to very high specifications and delivered to us under sealed tanker to reach us within an hour of discharge to be pumped into our bulk tank and stored under Nitrogen. Our Methanol is tested to NATA standards by NATA accredited Laboratories. We do not use Methanol with a moisture content that exceeds 150ppM WATER. Our Methanol is also free of ACETONE and far below specification on Ethanol. Please see a copy of our test result

We use only the best quality ingredients in our fuel- Our Castor Oil is supplied directly from the mill in India in 80 or 160 drum loads or at peak season in 20 ton bladders. Our oil is made to BS-FSG grade with reduced GUM to give cleaner burning - less piston drag and very high heat removal properties without gumming of the piston and liner.

Our Synthetic Oil comes from the best known lubricant manufacturer in the world. KLOTZ Owner, John Klotz (Jr.) has been in the business since the 50ís and is the best known LUBRICANT manufacturer in the USA that specializes in LUBRICANTS of all types and uses- from Hobby to Motor Cycle to Marine to Automotive to Ski Craft to 4 wheelers. KLOTZ makes the best!

Our Nitromethane is now made to our requirement. We also offer Angus USA brand Nitromethane as an alternative. We insist that the PURITY, ACIDITY and MOISTURE content of our Nitromethane be to our specification. To achieve this we have tied up with other manufacturers and took an active role in developing this refined and well priced product not previously available to the World. To avoid conjecture we have all our NITRO tested by an independent and Internationally renowned testing facility- INTERTEK - CALEB Brett, Shanghai and  Melbourne.

To make our product more attractive to the market we also produce HDPE bottles with CHILD SAFE caps labeled with labels that meet the requirements of the destination country in cartons either printed or over labeled that meet international shipping regulations as well as Australian RTA requirements.


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