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The takeover of SMS Balsa- Dope- Glue & Kits are                                         now complete!

During November 2006 we concluded the purchase of the balsa wood, dope and kit division of Southern Model Supplies in Adelaide. This included the remains of the equipment, dies and laser programs that was previously owned by Price Rite in Kerang. All the equipment and stock has now arrived here at our factory in Melbourne and the long and intense task of sorting it all out has started.

    1. We have installed and commissioned the Laser, Die Cut Machine and Vac-Form machines.
    2. We have sorted most of the timber.
    3. We have commissioned and run the glue and dope machines to which we added a further machine to speed up the filling of the dope cans.

There is still a lot of work left to do in finally getting our house in order but over the next few months we expect to have it all running.

We are working hard towards running the first model kits previously made by SMS  and all being fair the first model should be available during the early part of January 2008.

We thank our dedicated and hard working staff for all those hours put in to get all the sorting and stacking done to enable the normal run of the factory with little disruptions.

Please note that DOPE is now available from hobby stores in your area in 50 mil tubes, 250 mil, 500 mil and 1 litre cans under the Pacific Balsa or Model Engines labels.

We have added a new item - DOPE THINNERS - Unlike Acetone that could cause issues in blush drying and hardening of the job the thinners we make uses the exact same formulation of solvents as dope BUT without the volume of Cellulose that is in the Dope. This allows a similar consistency of quality to be maintained through out the thinning process.

In addition to the normal C23 Glue tubes in 50 mil we have also introduced the same glue in 25 mil tubes. The format of a snip off nozzle will be available during July 2007 in both 25 and 50 mil tubes. The plastic capped 50 mil tubes will progressively be phased out. The glue will in future be available as Pacific Balsa Cement or C23 Pacific Balsa Cement.

A new item on the horizon is a series of Water wash up wood glues such as PU and Aliphatic water soluble as well as a Polystyrene glue. All these will be available in 25 and 50 mil tubes as well as 100 and 250 mil plastic squeeze bottles. Please watch this space for release dates.


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