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1/8 Scale Model Racing at it’s BEST

The Nitro-X Shootout is the premium racing event to promote and enhance the Australian exposure to world sport. Through the Shootout and the following Nitro-X Masters we hope to make it possible to improve the quality of racing in Australia. We hope that by exposing a driver (the winner of the Masters) to an international event he will gain some by driving under these conditions and possibly if his performance warrants this get noticed by an international company and so enhance his chances of furthering a career in Model Motor Sport

The range of NITRO-X Products has been developed by Ozzie Traders to suit the dynamic world of R/C Racing. With all the ‘alternatively blended’ fuels now appearing on the market we decided to take a different approach - we will make the best fuel in the world for Australia, initially, and also develop an export market. We have sourced three of the best synthetic lubricants available from both the USA and Europe. We have combined these PAG’s and Esters to give us a lubricant that has more enhancements than any other fuel on the market PLUS we have kept the price at rock bottom. In addition to this we have tested many competitor fuels in both ingredients and performance and we can prove that we can give BETTER HP, MORE TORQUE, LONGER TANK LIFE, LESS WEAR, COOLER RUNNING, WIDER POWER BAND. This has been borne out by the drivers winning with our fuels. Top drivers are now being chased around the track by drivers far their juniors. Why? These young drivers have the edge- a better and more consistent fuel.
Over the past weeks we have had some of the best drivers from the region bring their cars and engines to us for evaluation - each time they walked away totally convinced and converted. NITRO-X is tomorrow’s fuel today. We import all our ingredients to guarantee constant repeatability

Many questions are asked about NITRO-X. Why NITRO-X and not another brand? Simply put- NITRO-X is the best available in Australia. NITRO-X is made in Australia to meet the high demands set for a top fuel. NITRO-X uses only the best ingredients AND NITRO-X is a true and dedicated brand for racers that want to win, supported by Australia’s No.1 fuel blender that has a reputation stretching world wide. Over the past months NITRO-X has placed in the top 3 positions in just about every race in Victoria.

For Example -
1. Ron Maya won the State Truggy Titles in Castlemaine.
2. Andrew Foord won the Warm-up to the State Buggy Titles in Mildura
3. Andrew and Deano regularly win in Adelaide
4. Brad Gale won at Mildura On Wheels

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