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All our kits come complete with Glue,Dope and Tissue



Started in early 1999 Ozzie Traders Australia has grown to become a leading suppler of various hobby products. Pacific Balsa Industries is a division of this company, which focuses on the product of affordable and high quality balsa related products. Over the past years we have had the opportunity to supply Balsa to various parts of the world, and as a company we continue to grow thanks to the support of our loyal customers. Recently we acquired sophisticated technology such as laser and molding machinery, which has given us the opportunity to produce high quality kits.

We are located a short drive from Melbourne, in a country town in a purpose built factory. At the moment we are in the process of expanding the facility to handle the growing demand for our products. Other products that we produce include fuel for model cars, planes and boats. For further information on these other products have a look at our links page, for our other web sites. Hopefully the information contained in this website will be helpful. However, if you require any more information do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiry.

Some Background Information

Balsa wood is a generally a very soft wood, which is known for its light weight . This makes it ideal for making a variety of models, such as aircraft, bridges and other structures. It is technically a hardwood, however it has a density of about one third of most hardwoods. Typically it would have a density of around 140 kg/m3 or 8.74 lb/ft3. This makes it the softest commercially available hardwood.
Our company is an industry leader in the production of balsa wood products.  This is due to the use of state of the art machinery and techniques to craft each sheet to a high standard. We source our raw material from the best producers, and this ensures that our customers get a quality product.

We are able to supply Balsa Wood in its various forms. A variety of sheets, sticks, dowels and blocks are produced within our facility. For further details on this see the links on the left of the screen. We can also supply large quantities of balsa wood to most parts of the world, to suit a customers preference.

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