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In every industry the customers need reassurance that they are making the right decision. Our customers are very important to us, so we need your input. Please send us an E-Mail with any questions or comments. With your feedback we try to build up our FAQ file so that everyone can benefit. Here are a selection of some questions that we have already received:


Model Fuel:

How do I know that I have chosen the right fuel?
Answer : Make sure that your fuel is made specifically for the country that you live in. Most fuel blenders make one generation fuel for the whole world- we do NOT do that- we develop fuels specially for each and every destination- In South Africa the fuel we make for Cape Town is very different to that which we make for Johannesburg. Johannesburg is 1880 meters above sea level- how can the same fuel work there as well as fuel made for Cape Town that is at sea level. The same rule applies for Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia etc.

Can I use the same fuel in my Helicopter as for a Car or Buggy?
Answer:  No - Helicopters- need special fuel. Helicopter engines run at constant speed and usually have a fan that cool the engine- Cars and Buggies run with limited air flow inside bodies and need special fuel for each style and engine type- some use less oil- some need more oil- Buggy and Car fuels are very special - so are Helicopter fuels.


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